2 Warning Signs of High Blood Pressure

2 Warning Signs of High Blood Pressure

Our body might be suffering because of the things that we do every day. The healthy lifestyle, the eating habits, and everything in between may be stressing our body so much. Most of the time, we cannot see the symptoms of an impending sickness until it becomes worse.

The same thing happens with hypertension. According to research, there is a possibility that people may already have hypertension but cannot feel it unless there is a cardiovascular episode that happens, and the next thing they know is that their blood pressure is already up to the roof. 4 Corners Pharmacy, a Pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida, offers blood pressure screening to help you monitor your blood pressure.

Here are two signs that you need to be wary of:

1. Severe Headache

If you have a family history of hypertension, you can be a candidate of one. On a regular basis, people experience headaches, but they can disappear in a matter of hours. However, it is different for people with high blood pressure.

A severe headache can mean that hypertension might have already affected a particular organ of the body causing the headache. It can be an indicator of a cardiac arrest or any major cardiovascular event that can potentially worsen the situation. When your headache does not seem normal anymore, it is best to see your doctor.

2. Chest pains

When there is too much cholesterol in the body, veins and other passageways in our body will clog. Chest pains occur when your body does not receive enough oxygen due to poor distribution. Hypertension can mean that there is too much fat blocking your oxygen’s pathway and that your heart needs more oxygen.

If your chest pains worsen over time, this can be an underlying indicator of heart attack or cardiac arrest. Do not be too lax about chest pains. Once you feel any discomfort, it is best to go to your doctor right away.

How can you veer away from hypertension?

The sad thing about being diagnosed with hypertension is that your medication can last for a long time. There is no cure for it anymore, so to speak. But you can lessen the chances of worsening your condition by doing these four things:

  • Start working out at least 30 minutes a day just to sweat it off
  • Stop your drinking habits and smoking habits, if any
  • Change your diet
  • Get a regular blood pressure checkup

To monitor your blood pressure, you can avail of our blood pressure checkups at 4 Corners Pharmacy. For queries about this, you can check our website at www.4cornersrx.com or call us at 352-610-4355.

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