6 Tricks to Let Your Kid Drink Her Medicine

6 Tricks to Let Your Kid Drink Her Medicine

Are you one of the parents who experience a hard time letting your kid take her medicine? Well, you are never alone in this world. In fact, almost all kids refuse to take their medicine due to certain reasons. One of the most common reasons is the medicine’s awful taste. Some may find it hard to swallow due to its tablet or capsule form. No matter what your kid’s reason may be, here are 6 helpful tricks to let her take her medicine with less to no stress:

1. Be optimistic – talk to your kid in the most positive way as this can also make her optimistic. Always avoid being annoyed or angry whenever she refuses her medicine. Instead, stay calm and be optimistic so she will not feel frightened. Sooner she will give in.

2. Tell why she needs it – before letting your kid take her medicine, it is always best to explain why she needs it. Tell her why she has to take it and explain the good things that the medicine can do to her body. Positively tell her that it can help her health become better and that she will be able to play normally again once she is well.

3. Prepare a surprise – some kids, maybe most of them, are always excited about surprises. Surprises often lead them to get motivated in doing something. The same thing can happen when it comes to medication time. You can prepare something that your kid really loves. A toy, candy, chocolate, or anything she loves. Tell her you got a surprise for her after she takes her medicine.

4. Be creative – if your kid’s medicine is in a liquid form, you can use her teacup playset or a nice spoon, rather than using the usual medicine cup. This can surely make her excited. You can also let her play “pretend games” while you let her take her medicine. Anything that makes medication time creative should be tried.

5. Mix it with food – you can also mix your kid’s medicine in her food, if applicable. This can be a good way to lessen the awful taste of the medicine. You can mix it with your kid’s favorite juice, chocolate, syrup, and others. But before doing so, ask the physician first if it is okay to mix the medicine in food.

6. Add her favorite flavor – before buying your kid’s prescribed medicine, inquire the pharmacy if they can possibly put some flavor into it. Pharmacies like 4 Corners Pharmacy offers compounding medication services which can potentially improve the taste of a medicine and prevents stressful medication time.

4 Corners Pharmacy, one of the most reliable provider of Health Care Supplies in Spring Hill, Florida, fully understands why some kids do not like to take their medicine. This is because the usual medicines have bitter taste and some are even awful. As we all know, kids love flavors. Hence, we can always make a better solution for your kid’s medication time, and that is through our compounding services.

Compounding medication is one of the optimum services that we take pride of, here at 4 Corners Pharmacy. This because through it, we can provide better medicines to people and children with unique preferences. We can ideally improve its flavor, form, dosage and ingredients according to your necessities, preferences, and of course, also with your physician’s endorsement.
If you need help on your kid’s medication time, come and visit us at 11001 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, Florida, or give us a call at 352-610-4355 | 352-610-4366 today. Let yourself and your kid experience a stress-free medication time.

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