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Generic Drugs: Smart Choice

According to a reliable study, there are millions of people who cannot comply with their prescription medications due to its expensive cost. This is the reason why we, at 4 Corners Pharmacy, a reliable provider of Health Care Supplies in … Continue reading

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Some General Considerations for Drug Packages

Drug packages must protect medications from harmful environmental effects and other types of contamination. They must also be completely and precisely labeled, making it easier to identify its contents. As such, single unit and unit dose packages are quality pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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The Importance of a Drug Utilization Review

Drug utilization review (DUR) is a structured, authorized, and ongoing review of medication prescription, dispensing, and usage. Through this program, the information regarding a patient’s medications and prescriptions are reviewed before (prospective DUR), during (concurrent DUR), and after (retrospective DUR) … Continue reading

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How We Can Help You Manage You Manage Psoriasis

Many usually purchase health care supplies in Spring Hill Florida for lesions that have developed on their scalp caused by Psoriasis.  What really is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is a common, persistent skin disorder, characterized by patches of raised, red bumps covered with white, … Continue reading

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Importance of Taking Vitamins

Together with a healthy diet and regular exercise, taking vitamins can further boost our immunity against sickness and diseases. Food is the best source of vitamins, but it is still helpful to take supplements as advised by your physician.  Vitamins … Continue reading

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