How Can Your Local Pharmacy Help You?

For many of us, we only go to a pharmacy if we need to fill a prescription or need to get some over-the-counter medications. However, there are many different ways a pharmacy can help us out. Not only does your … Continue reading

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What to Include in a DIY First Aid Kit

First aid kits are very important, that is why every single household should have one. You never know when you may need to use one of these kits – when the moment comes, it could save a life. However, you … Continue reading

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2 Factors That Increase Bad Cholesterols in the Body

What is cholesterol? Why do we have bad and good cholesterol? Should we avoid these things or is it inevitable? Cholesterols are found in the fatty substances that go into our food that once eaten, will proceed to our body. … Continue reading

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How to: Manage Your Hypertension

The internet has given us so many tips on how to control hypertension. And though it may seem helpful, it can be quite intimidating as there are so many things that we need to remember. We understand the challenge of … Continue reading

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Caregiving 101: 12 Types of Health Care Supplies (Part 2)

In our last blog, we have discussed the first 5 types of home health care equipment. Along with the five are Medical Supplies all of us are already familiar with. As a recap, the 5 types include: Medication administration equipment … Continue reading

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