Here’s Why You Should Consider Medication Flavoring


Is your child or senior loved one having a hard time taking their medication consistently? Have you taken many strategies so they can stay on schedule to no avail?

Per our pharmacists at our pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida, it may be time to consider if there is something about the taste of their medication that is making it difficult to take it day in and day out and consider medication flavoring.

As the name suggests, it works by altering the taste of medication to be more palatable in taste, flavor, texture, and even color without sacrificing its strength or effectiveness.

Here are the some of the most important reasons to take advantage of the service:

  • Medication flavoring can address taste-related side effects such as nausea or headaches, conditions that increase the risk of falls incidents among the elderly population.
  • Medication flavoring can contribute to patient empowerment. Coupled with the medical supplies and aids that are designed to make managing their condition easier, having the option of changing how their medicine tastes can encourage them to be at the top of their health.
  • Medication flavoring can improve medication adherence. Regardless of age, when we enjoy taking something, we are more likely to stick to them.

Ask about the service today! We offer free medication flavoring ourselves at 4 Corners Pharmacy upon request.

We also offer drug utilization review (DUR) and unit dose packaging services, as well as carry health care supplies in Spring Hill Florida, among others, for your convenience.

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