Signs of a Lung Infection in COPD

Signs of a Lung Infection in COPD

Individuals who require medical supplies for their chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) usually endure damaged air sacs and inflamed and narrowed airways. This makes them more vulnerable to the development of lung infections such as pneumonia.

Pneumonia occurs when viruses, bacteria, and less common fungi gather in a patient’s air sacs and grow. As the air sacs become filled with fluid and pus, the patient may experience difficulty in breathing, chest pain, and a cough that differs from the usual chronic cough. But the good news for clients in a dependable pharmacy in Spring Hill, Florida, is that pneumonia can be prevented by vaccinations and proper handwashing.

While it is important to focus on averting infections, you might also want to be on top of them if symptoms start to arise. Hence, as a pharmacy supplying cost-effective and quality health care supplies in Spring Hill, Florida, we suggest that you seek out medical attention right away for the following tell-tale signs of a lung infection:

  • Fever, including chills and shaking
  • Increased shortness of breath and rapid breathing
  • A cough that worsens and becomes more productive
  • Changes in mucus
  • A sharp, aching chest pain

One key point to note here is that it can be difficult to tell whether you’re having a lung infection, a COPD flare, or both. Since the change from your original symptoms can be subtle, our team at 4 Corners Pharmacy suggests that you seek medical attention if any of the above signs take place.

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