Understanding the Basic Types of Hepatitis

Understanding the Basic Types of Hepatitis

If you’re a regular customer at an excellent pharmacy in Spring Hill, Florida and your physicians inform you that you’ve got hepatitis, you will have to ask them which type they are talking about. There are five classifications of hepatitis and each of them has different causes. However, despite their differences, they do share one thing in common: all of them infect your liver and cause it to get inflamed.

It is important to note that the type of virus causing your hepatitis, impacts the severity of your disease, as well as its duration. For instance, a person usually gets infected with Hepatitis A when they drink or eat something that has the virus in it. Among the five types of hepatitis, this type is the least risky because it normally gets better on its own in a couple of months without the intervention of quality medical supplies. It also does not result in long-term liver inflammation.

For its part, Hepatitis B is the type that spreads in multiple ways. While most adults with this type get better, a small percentage cannot shake the illness and instead become carriers. This means that they can spread the disease to other people even when their own symptoms cease to exist. On the other hand, Hepatitis C is usually acquired after getting in contact with contaminated blood, needles or other health care supplies in Spring Hill Florida. In some cases, it has been known to lead to cirrhosis, which causes irreversible scarring on one’s liver.

As for Hepatitis D, this only occurs if a person has already been infected with Hepatitis B. The former tends to make the latter much more severe and it can be spread through sex or from mother to child. Meanwhile, Hepatitis E is similar to Hepatitis A in that it can be acquired also through consuming foods or drinks that have been contaminated with the virus. However, this type mainly spreads in Mexico, India, Africa, and Asia.

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