2 Factors That Increase Bad Cholesterols in the Body

2 Factors That Increase Bad Cholesterols in the Body
What is cholesterol? Why do we have bad and good cholesterol? Should we avoid these things or is it inevitable? Cholesterols are found in the fatty substances that go into our food that once eaten, will proceed to our body. However, it can be beneficial to us in certain amounts.

4 Corners Pharmacy, a premier Pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida, offers different types of prescription drugs that help control the levels of bad cholesterol in our body. But getting medication will not work to its maximum effect if we do not couple it with a lifestyle change.

Here are some factors that could increase bad cholesterols in the body:

  • Obesity

    When you are obese, you have too much fat stored in your body. As what we already have mentioned, cholesterol is the waxy substance found in lipids. And when they stay in the body for a long time, it could block blood circulation or it could hamper the function of the organ as the fat is blocking it.

    Obese people can be susceptible to cholesterol related problems like diabetes, kidney diseases, and even hypertension.

  • Smoking and Drinking

    We have been told about the dangers of smoking and drinking, but we will never know the gravity of their effects unless we experience them. Research has shown that smoking can decrease the levels of high-density lipoprotein in the body which is responsible for protecting the heart from disease. And it makes the low-density lipoprotein more toxic as they are the ones absorbing the substance released by the cigarette.

    These effects are not easily shown right then and there, but it will have long-term effects once we reach the age of forty and beyond.

There is no easy solution when it comes to keeping our body healthy. Being conscious of what we eat and keeping an active lifestyle will be the only way. In addition, taking multivitamins or prescription drugs given by the doctors or pharmacists at 4 Corners Pharmacy, your source for medical drugs and Medical Supplies, can also aid your immune system.

If you have questions and queries, you can visit our website for a detailed information or drop by the pharmacy at Spring Hill, Florida.


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