How to: Manage Your Hypertension

How to: Manage Your Hypertension

The internet has given us so many tips on how to control hypertension. And though it may seem helpful, it can be quite intimidating as there are so many things that we need to remember.

We understand the challenge of keeping up with the demands of a healthier lifestyle and we want everyone to achieve it. With that, we have some simple ways on how to manage your hypertension.

  1. Be conscious of your weight

    Once we start gaining weight, we become susceptible to various diseases and hypertension. As we age, our metabolism and other body functions tend to decrease in terms of their efficiency and activity. Thus, the doctors always encourage us to engage in good diet and exercise.

    But due to the kind of work and daily routine we have, we often become sedentary. Lack of activity makes us gain weight as we tend to eat more without sweating or using our energy too much. Once we notice that our waistline is getting wider or we tend to lose our breath even with a few minutes of running, this could be an indicator that we are gaining weight.

    Weight gain can be one of the risk factors for a patient that may result in hypertension if they keep up with their lifestyle. Thus, we need to slowly reduce fat intake and switch to healthier alternatives. Running or brisk walking at least 30 minutes a day can also be helpful to release toxins.

  2. Change your diet

    We already mentioned the need for a diet change. Not only do we include fruits and vegetables in our meals but we also have to eat in right proportions. At 4 Corners Pharmacy, a pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida, we have heard our patients telling us how hard it is to control cravings and eat especially when they love to eat sweets and fatty foods.

    You do not have to totally ban these guilty pleasures but you certainly need to control it. Moreover, once you have been diagnosed with hypertension, you need to be very strict on your diet and medication. Constant check-up and consultation with your doctor are necessary.

  3. Cut the sodium and fat in your food

    Even with just a little reduction in the amount of sodium in your food can already make a lot of changes in your health. Sodium and fat are one of the biggest contributors to hypertension. And since it has been a staple in almost all meal, it is very hard to limit it.

    Here are some ways that you can cut down these ingredients:

    • Be keen on what you buy. Read the labels and always check the sodium content.
    • Reduce your trips to fast foods and other greasy products
    • Add lesser salt to your home-cooked meals.

    This can be quite a challenge especially when this has been our culture ever since. But with the right mindset and determination to overcome hypertension or at least manage it, there is no such thing as impossible.

Moreover, you can also include the right medication and prescription drugs for hypertension with the trusted provider of healthcare supplies in Florida, 4 Corners Pharmacy. You can count on us to have complete stocks from medicines to medical supplies.

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