Caregiving 101: 12 Types of Health Care Supplies (Part 2)

Caregiving 101: 12 Types of Health Care Supplies (Part 2)
In our last blog, we have discussed the first 5 types of home health care equipment. Along with the five are Medical Supplies all of us are already familiar with. As a recap, the 5 types include:

  • Medication administration equipment
  • Test kit
  • First aid equipment
  • Assistive technology, and
  • Durable medical equipment

If you have not read part 1, feel free to browse and read it on our website. Now, we continue listing the other 7 which are:

  • Meter/monitor

    Just like test kits, this equipment is able to determine the health status or manage the disease condition of a patient. But there are more complicated types of equipment that require to be operated by experts. Examples are pacemakers, defibrillators, ventilators, and more.

  • Treatment equipment

    Treatment equipment is a tool used by therapists in administering their services. You can easily find these types of equipment in offices and clinics of physical therapists and occupational therapists.

  • Respiratory equipment

    Respiratory equipment falls under treatment equipment, however, they are categorized differently. They are used to treating respiratory conditions. Examples are oxygen tanks, oxygen masks, inhaler, humidifier, etc. These types of equipment are basically the angels of respiratory therapists and their patients.

  • Feeding equipment

    Feeding equipment is a device used for feeding. It helps caregivers with patients who have problems taking their food. It also is a solution for children and older adults who find it hard to eat unassisted.

  • Voiding equipment

    There are conditions that make it difficult for patients to release their body’s waste products. A voiding equipment is used for such problems.

  • Infant care

    Babies are cute and fragile versions of us. From their feeding to their sleeping, we need to be extra careful in giving them the care they need. Because of their specialized needs, infant care has a place in our hearts and home health care supply type.

    Infant care revolves around the basic needs of a baby. Examples of these types are baby bottles, strollers, pacifiers, diapers, and even baby bath essentials.

  • Telehealth equipment

    Quality home health care cannot be made possible if we do not assess the environment our patient is in. Telehealth equipment collects data in the home environment of our patients. Afterward, it transmits the data to a remote monitoring site. With this advanced technology, we can care for our patients even if we are far away from them.

Technological advancement has allowed us to enable our patients to have the quality of life they deserve. 4 Corners Pharmacy has all the medical supplies you need. Just visit our Pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida to know more.

What types of equipment are new to you? What types should you have to further improve your health management? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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