Caregiving 101: 12 Types of Health Care Supplies (Part 1)


There are different types of services geared towards caring for patients at home. And as caregivers, we are fully aware that our quality services will not be realized without the tools and equipment that aid us in delivering these services.

Each type of services is partnered with different types of home health care supplies. 4 Corners Pharmacy, the leading provider of Health Care Supplies in Florida, would like to enrich your knowledge about these tools and equipment. So grab a pen and get ready to know the first 5 home health care supply types:

  • Medication administration equipment

    Not all medicines can be easily taken by the patients. Some have to be given intravenously while others need tools for the medicine to be taken orally.

    Those medical equipment used to give your patients their medications are called medical administration equipment. They are useful tools to administer medications in liquid, tablet or aerosol form. These include your syringe, dropper, IV, and other tools.

  • Test kit

    In the case of patients suffering from diabetes, their blood sugar needs to be monitored daily. To do this, caregivers use a kit. With a single drop of the patient’s blood, the kit can display his or her blood sugar level, thereby, monitoring if it is high or low.

    These kits are categorized and called test kits. It is not only exclusive for patients with diabetes. There are also kits that detect your blood pressure, the amount of hormones in your body, and much more.

  • First aid equipment

    This is one of the essential health care supplies. It should not only be available in hospitals but also in schools, homes, business centers, and basically other venues with people. Even ordinary citizens should be carrying these in their purses or bags.

    First aid equipment is packed with things essential for emergency situations. Because we do not know when emergency strikes, all of us need to have these at our disposal.

  • Assistive technology

    Patients have a wide array of needs. There are patients in need of assistance to help them with their motor disability. Some need to be aided with equipment that enhances their sensory abilities.

    Assistive technologies are medical devices used to augment a patient’s personal incapability. Hearing aids, walking sticks, eyeglasses, wheelchairs, and many more are of this type.

  • Durable medical equipment

    Some caregivers are expected to take care of patients who are incapable of performing basic daily living activities. And we are aware that not all caregivers have superhuman strength to support and carry these patients.

    For that reason, durable medical equipment is marketed. Examples include lifts, bed, and toileting equipment.

We will continue listing the other 7 types in another blog. Follow our blogs so that you will be aware of the type of home health care supplies you’ll buy the next time you visit your trusted Pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida.

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