5 Tips to Help Control Blood Pressure

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Having and maintaining a normal blood pressure helps immensely with our health and in the prevention of heart disease. High blood pressure can increase chances of having serious heart complications such as heart attacks, stroke, poor circulation, and more.

We here at 4 Corners Pharmacy are always concerned about your health care and medical needs, and as a provider of Health Care Supplies in Spring Hill, Florida, we are here to help you know more about controlling your blood pressure. Even simple lifestyle changes can help in your journey towards a controlled and healthy blood pressure that helps prevent heart disease. Here are 5 simple tips that you can follow:

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight
    -Maintaining a healthy weight for your body type helps in controlling blood pressure and prevents obesity. Those two when coupled together can have serious consequences to your health and can cause symptoms to become worse. If you are overweight or obese, losing that extra weight can help immensely.
  • Exercise Regularly
    -Exercising regularly, aside from helping us maintain a healthy weight, also gives our heart and lungs a work out and decreases blood pressure. Even simple 30-minue exercises such as walking and stretching, can be of great help in controlling blood pressure. It improves circulation and exercises our lung capacity.
  • Change up Your Diet
    -Another tip that would not only help you maintain a healthy weight but also improve overall health is a change in diet. Focus more on food that are low in cholesterol and sodium content. Cholesterol are huge contributors in increased blood pressure and reducing sodium-intake even just a little can have drastic effects on our blood pressure. Focus on whole grains, protein, fruits and veggies, and avoid fatty and salty foods.
  • Avoid Having Vices
    -Smoking and Drinking on excess is very dangerous not only for controlling blood pressure but to your overall health. Smoking increases blood pressure every time you smoke while drinking excessively can also increase blood pressure and decrease the effectiveness of medication.
  • Constant Check-Ups
    -To maintain blood pressure, it is important to check it regularly by getting constant check-ups and blood pressure screening. Being more aware of what your condition can help you in controlling and/or maintaining it.

Here at 4 Corners Pharmacy, we provide Free Blood Pressure Screening services to help you in controlling your blood pressure and prevent heart disease. Contact us now at 352-610-4355 and let us know how we can help you today! Or you can email us at 4corners.rx@gmail.com for inquiries. As a trusted pharmacy and provider of Health Care Supplies in Spring Hill, Florida, we want to help you ‘Get Well and Stay Well!’

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