What Does Your Blood Pressure Say About You? (Part 1)

What Does Your Blood Pressure Say About You

Blood pressure is something so commonly mentioned in laboratory results, clinics and hospitals. Apparently, this is an extremely useful thing and must be given importance by the public. With that being said, how much do you know about blood pressures? How can it affect certain us? What does your blood pressure say about you?

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What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the force which is exerted by a person’s blood that is inside of the walls of their vessel. For many years now, doctors have been continuing this practice of determining the blood pressure of their patient.

These professionals have been doing this ever since the invention of the sphygmomanometers, the blood pressure cuffs that you find fascinating when you were still a child and suffocating when you are now an adult.

Yes, getting the numbers through this device can be suffocating but we all admit that it is better than the act of extracting blood from our system, right?

Fun Facts about our Blood Pressure:

  • Doctors are still looking for novel methods on getting information about their patient’s health through the numbers obtained by sphygmomanometers.
  • A research study of British researchers found out recently that the difference between a patient’s blood pressure from his or her right and left arm may indicate a vascular disease or a sign of it.
  • You may be having blood vessel disease or heart problems if there is a variation in your blood pressure whenever you are lying down and standing up.
  • The best numbers you need to aim for when having a blood pressure screening is below 120 and 80 respectively.

What does your blood pressure say about you?

The vital thing you need to be aware of your blood pressure is if it is high or not. There are two numbers that encompasses blood pressure reading and these numbers are called:

Systolic number
First or top number
Indicates the pressure that is inside of your arteries whenever your heart bears

Diastolic number
Bottom number
Shows the pressure between the beatings of your heart.

What does high blood pressure mean?

High blood pressure indicates that there is an excess of resistance inside a patient’s artery. If this continues, it will cause arterial damage thus increasing your risk for diseases like heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure and stroke.

What does a low blood pressure mean?

This is a sign of good health especially if the systolic pressure is well above 80. But if this gets lower, it is a sign of heart failure for people with heart disease.

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