What Does Your Blood Pressure Say About You? (Part 2)

What Does Your Blood Pressure Say About You2

What does a low blood pressure mean?

There is a heart problem that could be detected beforehand during a type of low blood pressure. It is called orthostatic hypotension.

When this low blood pressure happens, there will be an abnormal drop of blood pressure if ever the person is moving from a supine (otherwise known as flat) or sitting position to a standing pose.

This drop ranges from 10 to 20. Usually, it causes lightheadedness because the heart is having difficulty in compensating.

Let Us Talk About the Differences of Blood Pressure between Arms

In our blood pressure facts, we indicated that if there is a disparity on the blood pressure of a patient on both arms, that patient is at risk of having a vascular disease. If there is indeed a difference, we can already tell that it is a warning sign that the patient has atherosclerosis.

Get Help

You need to ask for your doctor to check your blood pressure during your appointments. This should transpire once in every two years and this instruction is in accordance with the American Heart Association.

Blood pressure can be named “the silent killer.” It will not show any symptoms not unless if the damage has been done. To prevent these damages, we suggest you get early diagnoses and treatment.

Here are tips you need to carry when you are getting your blood pressure checked:

  • Pre-hypertension can be considered if your BP readings ranges from 120-139 (systolic) or from 80-89 (diastolic).
  • If the reading you get ranges anything above 140 and 90, your doctor will begin your treatment plan.
  • Whenever you have a BP reading that reaches above 180 (systolic) or beyond 110 (diastolic), check your blood pressure again. If it remains the same, go and get help immediately.

There are a lot of interpretations we can get out from our blood pressure so it is good to know it regularly. It is the reflection of our contemporary health status and can serve as a reliable prediction for problems and complications in the future.

When should you get your blood pressure checked?

You can get your blood pressure checked whenever you feel like it but you can ultimately do so if you are apprehensive and alarmed about PAD. If you feel periods of dizziness whenever you walk or stand up, we also advise you to be screened.

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