Best Ways on How to Improve Mobility among Elders [PART I]

 Best Ways on How to Improve Mobility among Elders [PART I]

Mobility refers of actions inside the house or outside the home either by foot or by other means of transportation. Indoor or out-of-home mobility among elders are necessary for accessing commodities, participation in meaningful social and physical activities day and night. Good mobility skills promote healthy aging since it highly relates to the basic human need of physical movement. Unmet physical activity need is common among older people.

4 Corners Pharmacy, a steadfast provider of health care supplies in Spring Hill, Florida, sees that mobility decline are typically observed for more demanding mobility tasks such as walking inside the house, up and down the stairs, strolling in park, and jogging or running. Other causes involve the decreased efficiency of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, diminished muscle tone, and results of a sedentary lifestyle.

Today, we will share to you some of the finest ways on how your elders can improve mobility.

1. Identify slip and fall hazards in the home and eliminate them.
Many seniors fall because of the unsafe environment at home and outside the house. With the help of your in-home caregiver, you can identify these slip and fall hazards or those potential threats that could lead your elders to slip and fall on the ground.Their bodies are fragile so it is better to pay special attention to safety proofing areas like the bathroom especially that this is where the most falls occur.

Place rubber mats or appliques on the tub bottom and non-skid mats on the flooring. You can also install side rails or handrails onto the shower walls and toilet seats. Speaking of toilet seats, they should be raised as well since there are already special toilets that are higher than standard ones. You can purchase these safety equipment in the most trusted provider of health care supplies in Spring Hill, Florida, the 4 Corners Pharmacy.

2. Ask help from the nurse or therapist
Occupational therapists, visiting nurses, physical therapists can identify the fall hazards, do some home inspections and make recommendations to improve the safety in your elderly loved ones homes. They can help you conduct your own safety check or do one for you.

3. Ask your provider of health care supplies for walking aids
There is a large selection of walkers and canes given that you get the right provider of these healthcare supplies that you need. These aids will help you make mobility easier and safer. Elders who can use a walker or cane are encouraged to use it with them at all times. Yes, their feet might be unsteady but they should use a cane or walker for extra safety.

Modern-day designs of these walkers come with a built-in seat which allows the person to rest and sit when they get tired along the way. Canes and walker can be provided by your source of health care supplies in Spring Hill, Florida and it would be best to check with a doctor or physical therapist to find out the type of walker or cane your elder needs. They can ensure their comfort and appropriateness like in terms of height and usage.

Get more ways on how you can improve your elderly loved ones’ mobility today! Call 4 Corners Pharmacy, a long-trusted provider of health care supplies in Spring Hill, Florida, and let your elders bring themselves to the right places!

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