Best Ways on How to Improve Mobility among Elders [PART II]

Best Ways on How to Improve Mobility among Elders [PART II]

4 Corners Pharmacy, where patients and clients refer for quality health care supplies in Spring Hill, Florida, believes that you have to know more on how important it is for your elders to move in, out, and around the house! So, we are giving you more of the ways on how you can help improve your elderly loved ones’ mobility!

1. Make sure vision and hearing are tested regularly and properly corrected
Poor hearing and eyesight are two of the leading causes of mobility problems—slips and falls. Ensure safety by getting new bifocal or tri-focal eyeglasses and hearing aids. Make sure that they have the appropriate lenses especially when looking down. This will decrease the possibility of falling or slipping.

2. Make sure proper footwear is worn.
Low-heeled, well-fitted, and sturdy shoes with non-skid and wide soles are senior-appropriate. Having the right walking shoe with good arch support and heel counter makes it even better as it is highly recommended! Slipper with slippery soles, sandals that easily come off, and clogs are not age and condition-appropriate making them potentially fatal to your loved ones. Shoe laces or pants that are too long can also cause them to slip, trip, and fall.

3. If the older person is afraid of falling, discuss these fears.
The placebo effect of fears with falling needs good advice from the right people. They also have to practice doing the things of which they are afraid by the help of the right people. Otherwise, they will not get the exercise they need which can further lead to other medical conditions such as circulatory problems.

Help them set small goals and build it up over time. You can start slow and safe by doing activities while having someone to support their mobility practices. As family members, you can help them by building their confidence, giving praise and encouragement, and encourage them being active when alone.

4. Create opportunities for mingling.
Look for public activities that will keep the older person travelling.

5. Don’t help the older person too much.
Older people need to stay active and like to remain independent. Too much help is making things worse for your aging loved ones. “Something might happen” but it is all about trusting that “something good might happen” by giving them the chance to be independent sometimes.

6. Ask the doctor to check all medicines being taken-prescription, herbal, over-the-counter, and other remedies
Outdated medicines can be fatal to one’s health. Dispose them properly or give them to your local disposal program to avoid damaging water systems and other areas of your neighborhood. With the doctor’s advice and provider of health care supplies in Spring Hill, Florida, to adjust your medicine plan and how you can make your medications simple and convenient—special packaging.

7. Help the older person stay physically active.
Exercise can strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. It can increase strength and balance which can enable them to maneuver themselves and avoid the potential falls or slips. Just remember to consult their doctor or nurse to make sure that these exercises are beneficial to their health. You can also check with senior centers, local hospitals, and community centers to see if they offer exercise, fall prevention, or walking programs for older people.

Call 4 Corners Pharmacy today! We provide the finest health care supplies in Spring Hill, Florida for you and your family members as how and what you need!

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