Cluster Headaches: an Overview

Cluster Headaches: an Overview

Cluster headaches are distinguished by sudden bouts of serious headaches that occur repetitively (nearly every day or maybe daily) for a number of weeks, months, or perhaps even years. Due to their severity, they are often referred to as suicide headaches. Pain linked to this condition tends to frequent one side of the head and is usually accompanied by inflamed eyes and nasal discharges. While cluster headaches are relatively rare, an outstanding pharmacy in Spring Hill, Florida will be able to tell you that individuals between twenty and forty years, particularly men, oftentimes fall victim to this debilitating disorder.

More often than not, the pain brought about by this type of headache has been described to be so intense that it seems to poke and pierce the head of affected patients. People who experience it may also exhibit additional symptoms, including tearing, extreme constriction of their pupils, drooping of the affected eyelids, facial swelling, and the inability to lie down or sit still. While the normal duration is between fifteen to thirty minutes, an attack can last for up to three hours for some individuals. Patients can also experience anywhere from one to eight cycles of pain in a day; and for many of them who have chronic cases, medications, and other health care supplies in Spring Hill, Florida may not be able to do the job of treating the pain.

Unlike other types of primary headache disorders, triggers aren’t prevalent with cluster headaches. However, certain behaviors can set them off. For example, smoking tobacco, consuming alcohol, and a family history of the condition are known risk factors.

Treatment for cluster headaches will usually vary from one patient to another. The fact that they are invisible also makes it a challenge to understand the severity of the pain that they are experiencing. This being the case, 4 Corners Pharmacy, a pharmacy supplying top-notch medical supplies and pharmaceutical services, suggests that you don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

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