Generic or Branded Medicine: Which Is More Effective?

Generic or Branded Medicine: Which Is More Effective?

You might have seen different brands of medicines but with the same content or generic name. Are you one of those who are wondering which of those to pick and which is more effective? Do costlier brands work better than cheaper alternatives?

For you to be able to understand more about these drugs, we, as a Pharmacy in Spring Hill, Florida, have listed some things you need to know, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

  • Generic medicine needs to be bioequivalent to its brand counterpart.
    Both have to be chemically similar, with 20% allowed variation from the original chemical recipe.
  • More expensive medicine does not guarantee a better effect.
    Since some brands have higher costs, this may lead people who cannot afford to skip doses. So, some may refer to generic brands to be able to take medications regularly.
  • Side effects may occur.
    People who switch brands may experience side effects because they are used to their original brand. It may also be because of their existing conditions.

Both branded and generic drugs have approval from health professionals. To get an assurance, ask your doctors or healthcare providers to inform you of any difference among available existing brands of your medicines and Medical Supplies.

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