How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus Disease

How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus Disease

Coronavirus Disease or Covid-19 is a pandemic that is currently spreading in over 100 countries. This respiratory illness has no cure yet, so everybody must perform precautionary measures. What do we need to do to avoid contracting the disease? As a committed Pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida, we like to share some protective measures from the World Health Organization.

  • Proper handwashing and hand-rubbing
    Use soap and clean water when washing your hands and use alcohol or sanitizer for hand-rubbing to remove viruses that might stick to your hands. Do this as frequently as you can, especially when staying outside your house. Secure an adequate amount of these medical supplies to store at home.
  • Social distancing
    Maintain at least three feet or one meter away from anyone, especially from those who cough or sneezes. Being too close may expose you to respiratory droplets they spread. Use protective masks when going out in public places.
  • Follow proper coughing etiquette
    Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or with your elbows when you don’t have one. Never use your hands to cover, as this may lead to the spread of droplets. The same goes for sneezing. Throw the tissue right away and rub your hands with alcohol.
  • Seek medical care
    When you are experiencing cough, fever, and difficulty breathing, contact your local health authorities immediately.

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