How Medication Therapy Management Can Help You

How Medication Therapy Management Can Help You

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a great option for patients with multiple chronic conditions, multiple prescribers, complex medication therapies, and high prescription costs. Like other healthcare providers, our Pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida provides MTM to individuals and families who need improved therapeutic outcomes.

The five core elements of MTM include:

  1. Medication therapy review
  2. A personal medication record
  3. A medication-related action plan
  4. Intervention or referral
  5. Documentation and follow-up

Through these core elements, patients who incur annual medication costs exceeding a certain level as stated in the Medicare Part D benefit plan and others who partner with our pharmacy can get the medication therapy and medical supplies that they deserve.

Through MTM, pharmacists provide a review of all the medications previously prescribed by the patient’s care provider. They will also take note of over-the-counter or herbal products that the patient has taken to address or identify certain complications if any. They will help prevent wrong use of medications, as well as medication non-adherence.

MTM allows the provision of in-depth medication-related consultation and education for patients, their loved ones, and caregivers. Pharmacists collaborate with them, as well as other health care providers, to achieve the desired therapeutic outcomes.

For efficient medication therapy management, contact 4 Corners Pharmacy. Our team also provides a variety of quality pharmaceutical solutions and Health Care Supplies in Spring Hill Florida.

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