How to Help Children Cope with the Bitter Aftertaste of Medicines


Whether we like it or not, we might be required to swallow a bitter pill. It’s fine for adults. But you might have a hard time giving meds to children if you don’t know how to help them handle the bitter aftertaste. Of course, you can ask the pharmacists or pediatrician to prescribe better-tasting meds. But if it’s not possible, you will have to purchase what is available in your supplier of health care supplies in Spring Hill Florida. To get you started, here are some tips that might help encourage your child to take a bitter pill:

  • Let them take the meds along with their favorite fruits.
    Conceal the bitter taste of meds by serving these with their favorite fruits. Or better yet, let them choose the kind of treat they like as a reward for taking the meds.
  • Let them eat cold treats first.
    Cold treats, such as ice cream or ice pop, can make the taste buds numb. Hence, this can reduce the likelihood of them noticing the bitter aftertaste.
    Mix the meds in their favorite shakes. If they can’t swallow the pill, you can also melt it and mix it in their choice of fruit shake flavor. You can also ask a pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida if they have a flavored, liquid alternative.
  • Be honest and serve with a smile.
    Lastly, it would help to be honest with your children about the bitter aftertaste. Doing this allows you to negotiate with your children on what they want to eat or drink to minimize the aftertaste.

Lastly, children need to understand that they’re taking meds to relieve their pain or hurt. The moment they understand this, you’ll have no worries about their attitude towards taking meds. To ensure you’re giving them quality medical supplies for faster healing, be sure to shop at 4 Corners Pharmacy.

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