Food That Can Effectively Conceal the Bitter Aftertaste of Medicines


Some medicines taste disgusting, and their bitter taste can linger on our taste buds longer than we can tolerate. But if we’re really required to take a bitter pill for the sake of our health, it’s best to find ways to overcome the bitter taste, instead of refusing to take it. Aside from purchasing medicines and health care supplies in Spring Hill Florida, be sure to keep stock of these foods to help you get over the bitter taste:

  • Fruit and Vegetable Juices
    If you have a blender or juicer at home, you can just shop for fresh fruits or veggies. A couple of hours before you take your medicine, you can prepare fresh juice to take along with the pill. Doing this can also add a little excitement to your pill intake.
  • Yogurt
    If allowed, you can also take your medicines with a cup of yogurt. Aside from being a sweet treat, yogurt also contains good bacteria that can help your digestive functions. Don’t worry! You can buy this along with your medicines at a leading pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida.
  • Spreads
    Fruit jam, peanut butter, almond butter, cocoa, and cashew butter are all awesome spreads to give your tongue a treat after swallowing a bitter pill. You can also buy these at a leading grocery store or pharmacy along with your medicines and medical supplies.
  • Shakes and Smoothies
    You can also try making a homemade smoothie or shake from a combination of your favorite fruits. You can serve this chilled to give yourself a real treat.
  • Honey
    After taking a bitter pill, you can also take a teaspoonful of organic honey. Just don’t indulge yourself to avoid taking too much sweets.

We’re not superhuman, and we get sick sometimes. Aside from purchasing top quality medicines from 4 Corners Pharmacy, shop for these food as well. You can count on these yummy treats to save you from the bitter aftertaste of your medications.

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