Taking Medicines During Your Pregnancy


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately sixty-six percent of women in the United States take one or more medications while pregnant with their babies. In spite of this, existing data is insufficient to accurately determine whether or not taking prescription medicines during pregnancy is safe and appropriate. Although there are a number of medications that have been considered safe to take by pregnant women, other medications that have not been subjected yet to rigorous studies can leave your babies vulnerable to their effects. Hence, your premier pharmacy in Spring Hill Florida recommends that you pay special attention to the medications you take during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is often associated with various symptoms, ranging from the common aches and discomforts to hemorrhoids and back pain, among others. There are also expecting moms who are required by their primary care providers to seek treatment, as well as quality health care supplies in Spring Hill Florida, for their medical conditions. Because of this, the use of medications by pregnant women ought to be considered with care at all times — even when such prescriptions are necessary. Certain medications can get to the child inside their wombs, and such exposure can lead to health problems not just for the child but also for the mother involved.

In general, the greatest degree of risk occurs during the first trimester since the baby’s internal organs begin to form this time around. However, it is important to note that problems resulting from or related to the use of medicines (and even other medical supplies) can occur at any given stage of the pregnancy, whether during the first days or at the end of your trimester.

As your leading choice of quality pharmaceutical services, 4 Corners Pharmacy suggests, therefore, that you weigh the risks and the benefits meticulously every time you are considering taking prescription medications during your pregnancy. If you have other pregnancy-related questions, you can also ask our friendly pharmacists for advice. Don’t hesitate to call us.

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