Prescription Drugs Never to Mess With

Prescription Drugs Never to Mess With

Our medications are prescribed by our doctors to heal our ailments. But because of human errors, this advantage we get from drugs could lead to serious consequences and even death.

4 Corners Pharmacy would not want clients to suffer from any negative effects of prescription drugs. Hence, we are enumerating these drugs which are usually misused and abused leading to fatal conditions. When your doctor prescribes them to you or your loved one, make sure to handle them with utmost care and know as much information about them as possible.

  • Sleeping Pills.
    Studies have shown that people who have used sleeping pills are at greater risk for stroke. Whether you are taking it as prescribed or not, it has the same effect on your body. Additionally, these sleeping pills could pose even graver threats to one’s body when you live your life with too many bad habits like drinking and smoking.
  • Medications for Blood Pressure.
    Calcium channel blockers and beta-blockers are the most common drugs used to manage hypertension. However, calcium channel blockers have also been associated with hypersensitivity, the difficulty of breathing, and chest pain. Beta-blockers, on the other hand, have been linked with various ill side effects including troponin elevation, heart failure, and increased risk for hepatic failure.
  • Drugs to control Cholesterol.
    Medications which are used to control cholesterol level in the body, like statins, have been found to cause damage to the liver. The danger is even worse when one is taking 50 mg to 80 mg of such component or drug every day.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
    This type of drug could be easily bought in pharmacies. NSAIDs are used to treat arthritis and are mostly used by senior citizens. Although this drug could give immediate relief to the pain felt by people suffering from arthritis, it slowly affects patient’s organs. NSAIDs is said to destroy the inner lining of the stomach, increasing the possibility of a patient to suffer from an ulcer and internal bleeding.
  • Diabetes Drugs.
    Metformin, Actos, Avandia, and Byetta are just some of the medications used to manage high blood sugar which is a symptom of diabetes. Experts have found out that there is a direct relation between liver damage and use of these drugs. For example, when a patient takes 500 mg of metformin thrice a day, the liver gets slowly damaged which could also cause uncontrollable bleeding within the organ.

Indeed, it will be difficult to manage our medical conditions without the help of prescription drugs. Sometimes, we might even feel that we continue to live solely because of them. Nevertheless, we should always be extra careful when taking them. We have to ask pharmacists of Health Care Supplies in Spring Hill, Florida the things we do not know yet about each drug we take.


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