Worst Common Medication Mistakes

Worst Common Medication Mistakes

Almost 2 million people suffer from negative drug effects every year because of mistakes during medication. Instead of getting healed, these patients fall ill because of complications from drug combination and incorrect handling.
To make sure that we will be getting correct and proper medications, we have to purchase them only from trusted providers of Health Care Supplies in Spring Hill, Florida. Other than being extra careful in choosing whom to get our medication supplies from, we also have to take necessary precautions whenever we buy them.

Let us keep away from committing these errors:

  • Trusting the pharmacy too much.
    Every pharmacy has an inherent duty to make sure that the drugs they give to their clients are exactly the same with what is written on the prescription. And if such particular drug is not available, the pharmacist is duty-bound to inform them about such non-availability and provide them alternatives, if there are any.

    However, this is not always the case. Humans as they are, pharmacists who are not familiar with certain medications, can commit minor errors. For instance, they might provide you with another brand which is different from the one you were currently using or from the one written on the prescription.
    If this happens, we might be taking medications not meant for us. To avoid these circumstances from happening, we have to be vigilant. Once the prescription is given to us by the doctors, we have to ask them what the drug is and how it’s supposed to work. We have to familiarize ourselves with it so we can readily decipher whether the drug given to us is the right one or not.

  • Not reading the instructions on the medication’s label or the FDA leaflet.
    You may be guilty of not reading the small papers inside the drug box or bottle, right? For a lot of reasons, we tend to ignore these little things which are actually required of us. These leaflets point out possible side effects of the drugs which the pharmacist and our doctors might have failed to mention. Hence, they contain essential information.
    For this reason, we have to make it a practice to make time to read these leaflets- just as pharmacists of 4 Corners Pharmacy would always remind us about. We have to familiarize ourselves with its contents, its effects, and the things we should not eat or drink while taking such medication.
  • Storing medications improperly.
    Medicines are supposed to be kept in a location where they will not be exposed to heat or moisture. If we fail to do this, the medications might deteriorate and get spoiled. It is likewise necessary that these drugs be stored in a place where children could not reach them; otherwise, we will be exposing our kids to danger.

For safety purposes, we should get a basket or container which will be especially used as storage for these medicines. It is preferable that this container has dividers so you can segregate prescription drugs from non-prescription drugs. Also, you have to check this container regularly and dispose all expired drugs properly by sealing them in a plastic bag before throwing them in the garbage.


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